tisdag 6 augusti 2013

scraplift Amy Tangerine

I am totally in love with amy tangerines all scraplines. So beutiful and colorful. Just lovely. 

I saw a Lo Amy did with Studio Calico kit so I had to lift her and made it a little personal of course... ;)

XoXo Mela

onsdag 31 juli 2013

My dear friend and soulmate challanged med with a scrap recipe. This is what I made with the recipe I got.

4 different papers
9 Bling
use 2 diffrent masks
Mist or other medium.
3 photos
2 embellihments of your choice.

if I remember it right. :)

XoXo Mela

tisdag 23 juli 2013


Studio Calico in my heart. One of the first LO I did with the kit (almost)

XoXo Mela

måndag 15 juli 2013

Smile smile

Time to dust of the blog I think *coughs*

I love my kits from Studio calico. although it has become a bit expensive for us international buyers *sad*

 did this one quite a while ago.

XoXo Mela

torsdag 16 maj 2013

Things are happening.

For the moment I have had a lot at home and have not had the time to scrap as much as I want to. *sadface* The little I have done, I have not photographed yet. Sorry.

I am a proud subscriber of Studio Calico kit. and I must say I really like the kits so far! yay. There is something special about them I tell you! :) I used some of the kits to my Project life but I got no photo pockets så they are only in the storage stage so far waiting for the photopockets to arrive. Got cellphone pictures not the best quality.. but.. they show Week  12 and 14 this year so....

These weeks are as simple as they could get! Probably why I like them. *wink*
Almost no embellishments at all. Most of the jornaling cards are freebies that I got from internet, some are from Studio Calico Project life and scrapbooking kit. Also got a little Sn@p papers.

I also ordered a lot of Becky Higgins - Project life products recently, a swedish store is taking it home to Sweden and make it easy for us to get the stuff. although we had to wait for several months and are still waiting, but they should arrive in two weeks or so. *hoping*
I ordered the Honey and Blush Edition core kit. Yep I got two core kits. Nuts? yeah maybe a little. I am going to share some with my daughter (and some friends), got a pink mini album (honey edition) for her. Among other things.

I will take better photos of my Project life album I promise. And show them here in this blog.

Remeber I ordered Photo freedom? well those are done, the first weeks in my album. My daughter looked in them and liked the idea. So there for is she going to get one mini album for her self. :) here is a  peak sneek.

I love her to bits and pieces. And the album to ;) lol.

XoXo Mela

torsdag 11 april 2013

Tag mixed media.

A birthday tag to my brother, Used a lot of gesso and acrylic paint on this one.
 Going to do more of them too so much fun. 
My brother is a carpenter so it was kind of fun to put the screws and nails on it. 
this was his birthday card. 

XoXo Mela

onsdag 27 mars 2013

to the stars and back,

I let my cameo work a little bit with the title. 

I punched out a lot of stars.
I used the Studio Calico - Front Row kit 
and sprinkled some mist. and used washi tape.

XoXo Mela