onsdag 23 januari 2013

Happy as a bee

I always liked, no actually loved the idea of the simple way to scrap your weeks. Becky Higgins Project life,
was the first I saw making this kind of product. I been doing something similar too last year but without the page protectors. This year I really wanted to do PL with the real stuff. But the products are hard to find in sweden. You can only buy them in UK and it costs a fortune. *sad face*

After a time away from scrapping to celebrate the holidays and only spending time with family I started to search the internet, and to my suprice I found that my favorite designcompany EP have done the "same" thing. But they are calling it Photo Freedom system.

 I immediately started to look if someone in sweden sold this. Guess what? *smileyface* They do.

Just ordered it. well some of it. longin for it to come to me ;) YEY!!

I searched for jounaling cards too. you really cant have enough of them you know :P there are alot of them for free if you looking well enough. I found that another design company Simple stories with their product line Sn@p had nice cards for both journaling and quotes.  Just lovely.

You want to know a secret? I started another kit subscription yesterday. Will get my first kit in february probably. I´m not going to tell with what company just yet. I want to see the kit first ;) So behold my scrapping friends. I really miss scrapbooknook. *sadface*

If you are totally bored about project life or photo free system you should not read this blog. because it will contain alot of this in the future.I HOPE. 

XoXo Mela